My WordPress Blog Setup Experience

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now and have finally decided to take the time and set something up. I’ve decided to use WordPress ( and host the site on my long time hosting provider, Omnis (

The setup was fairly straight forward. My hosting provider actually had WordPress listed as an installable package. After a few clicks I was in business, thank you Omnis.

I spent about an hour poking around the admin control panel, setting various settings. I also wanted to be able to upload content from a client, rather than being required to post from a browser. I thought that would come in handy when trying to document thoughts even if I wasn’t “plugged in”.

I was pleased to discover that Microsoft Word 2007 was a supported client has some built in publishing features, and they support the use of publishing to WordPress using XML-RPC. Here are the sites I used for reference.

I am using the Word 2010 Beta, so I decided to give that a try. There is a Share option on the File menu that included Publish as Blog Post, the wizard walked me through the setup. I did get an error my first try, because I did not enable XML-RPC via the WordPress control panel. I found that disabled by default. Once I enabled that the wizard completed successfully. Everything is looking good and I’m testing Word 2010 with this very post.

Here goes nothing…

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